Die-casting Zamak 

The metal alloy, whose acronym for German designation refers to: Z for Zink (zinc), A for aluminium (aluminium), MA for magnesium (magnesium) and K for kupfer (copper), is a compound made of high purity Zinc 99.995% with additions of aluminium 99.7%, copper and magnesium in percentages ranging depending on the use of the product.
Here are the three most used alloys in die-casting processes:
Zama 12 has an excellent resistance to traction, its hardness characteristic, compression yield strength and yield point are definitely above average.
Zama 13 stands out for its high impact resistance and two-dimensional stability over time. It has a good resistance to corrosion even when exposed to strict weather conditions.
Zama 15 is resistant to traction, impact and has a high resistance to corrosion, even in critical atmospheric conditions. It also has a high dimensional stability over time.

Zama applications in die-casting fields

Zamak is an alloy suitable to different processing for all those companies operating in die-casting field. The main applications of Zinc Zamak alloys are:

Automotive sector: components, air conditioning, seat belts, locks, pumps, operating instruments, lighting, brakes and much more.

Construction Sector: hinges, handles, switch plates, faucets, windows mechanisms, fittings, lighting and much more.

 Clothing and accessories sector: clothing decorations, belt buckles, shoes, buttons, jewellery, zippers and more.

Electronic industry: electrical and electronic devices.

 Other: toys, decorations, sports and nautical accessories, various hardware, small household accessories and other utensils.
Are you looking for a supplier for Zamak die-casting alloys?
Are you looking for a supplier for Zamak die-casting alloys?
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